Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More new books!

I walked into the office today and found we'd received two new books!

I am particularly excited about this one...

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit by Nahoko Uehashi

I picked this especially for all the Japanese history, martial arts-loving guys out there that also love a good read. There is also a manga series based on the novel, and it's being adapted for television. The novel was written in Japanese originally and translated into English and--there are more to come in the same series!

The story follows Balsa, a woman destined to protect the innocent in a quest to make up for the eight lives lost for her sake. She rescues the Second Prince, Chagum, who is also the Guardian of the Spirit. He must deliver the egg of the Water Spirit to its home in the distant sea. If he fails, the country will be ravaged by drought.

So no pressure.

Meanwhile, they're being hunted by the monster Rarunga, who wants to eat the egg, and the prince's father.

I'm hoping it's as good as it sounds (I'm about to read it)...

The second book that came was Giving Up the Ghost by Sheri Sinykin which is a ghost story (obviously) set in a Louisiana plantation home called Belle Foret. Davia has arrived there with her family to care for her ailing aunt and discovers Emilie, a young Creole girl dead since the 19th century.

While dealing with Emilie's unpredictable nature, the fear of her mother's cancer returning, and the illness of her aunt, Davia learns about her family's past and works toward finally releasing Emilie's spirit from Belle Foret.

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