Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Still More New Books!

Let it Snow: Three Holiday Romances, contains three interlinked holiday stories by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle--all fantastic authors. I devoured it yesterday, sitting in a coffee shop and hoping, unfortunately, that it would not snow as I knew I had to drive home from Huntington on the oft-ill-plowed State Road 16.

I loved reading this book! It was light and fun, perfect for holiday vacation reading. Especially if this year involves another freak ice storm like last year, the one that left my family without electricity, heat, or running water for more days than I want to mention. By the way, thanks again to my friend Jen, who let me come over to escape having to use buckets of river water to flush the toilet. Those were sad, sad days, and the use of your running--and hot--water was much appreciated.

Aren't friends great?

I cannot stress enough how much I love both John Green and Maureen Johnson. They are fantastic. Read all their books. Repeatedly. They will make your life happy; your world brighter. They will give you reason to go on.

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little--but not by much!

We also have two shiny-new Forensic Mysteries by Alane Ferguson, The Angel of Death and The Circle of Blood, both follow-ups to The Christopher Killer.

Fans of CSI or other procedural crime dramas will love these mysteries, they combine mystery with just the right amount of science.

Another new book is Gone by Michael Grant. Not really gone, though, because it's sitting next to me on the desk (sorry, couldn't help it).

The first in a series, Gone opens with the disappearance of every adult. Only the young remain, but without the use of phones, internet, television, and...well...the police, help is impossible.

Meanwhile, a new social structure dominated by the strongest and cruelest, begins to emerge even as the teens and kids deal with encroaching hunger, a strange creature, mutating animals, and their own growing, unexplained powers.

Very Lord of the Flies. Good, creepy fun. Since, you know, none of us have to live it.

I just finished reading this one: Donut Days by Lara Zielin!

What initially drew me to this novel wasn't the yummy-looking donuts on the cover, or the fact that I hadn't eaten lunch yet when I was picking which new book to read first...It was the subject matter.

Emma is a pastor's daughter, and both her mom and her dad are pastors at the same local church. My mom isn't a pastor, but my dad certainly is, and a lot of the issues Emma goes through in the book seemed pretty familiar.

A lot of Christian fiction for young adults--maybe even for adults, it's been a while since I've read any for that age group--depicts the world as a happy, perfect place. And it isn't, for the most part. This book is a refreshing departure from the norm, with a strong, vibrant narrator facing all the usual teenage dilemmas (boys, friends, family, money for college) and some unusual ones (thinking her own behavior could cost her parents their jobs).

Give this one a go!

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