Monday, April 28, 2008

Lauren Frischman Poetry Contest Winner 8th grade

I am Me
by Lauren Frischman

Who am I?
A whisper on the wind,
Or the vast deep ocean?
The light in the fire,
Or a star in the sky?

Maybe I am a flower,
In a valley of splendor.
Perhaps a gazelle,
Running through the savannah.

Who am I to you?
Possibly I am a piano,
The keys striking a playful melody.
Or a snowflake on your nose.

Maybe I’m a book,
A story unfolding in the pages.
Or a ship,
Treading calmly on the water.

Do you even see me?
Maybe I’m invisible,
Did you look?

I could be all these things
And more on the outside,
But will you ever see the inside?
Will you ever see the genuine me?

Who am I really, you ask?
I am the sunset over a lagoon,
The tinkle of laughter,
The ripples of a puddle,
The smile on your face.

I am the song you love to sing.
I am a picture,
Worth more than a thousand words.
I am the paint,
Waiting to come alive on canvas.

Who am I?


jehubber said...


You and your poem ROK!! I'm proud of you! I really enjoyed having all of you in class, even if it was only 9 weeks. Take care and keep working hard. Have a great summer and enjoy high school!!

Mr. H [Hubbert]

Tell Mado and Uggen Hi and remain wicked awesome!

I remember more than the 3 of you, for example Lauer, Ben, Aaron, Wachele, Hunter, King,... I ust can't type all night ya know!! :!)

Norse ROK!!

jehubber said...


Forgot {At least 1 mistake a day is my norm}
1. If you have time, and the desire, I have several poems at under John E. Hubbert

2. E me if you wish