Monday, April 28, 2008

Vince Baer Poetry Contest Winner 12th Grade

Barbed Wired Existence
by Vince Baer
The barbed wire encloses me; I’m not able to
see the Light. As, I move, the wire dances
gracefully on my body, drawing blood.
Tears fall down my face mixing the emotions inside, with the worn
physical exterior.

The judging moon pierces my heart with
its seemingly lonely existence;
Forcing me to inhale in hopes the pain
would subside. My tired body is branded
with scars and blood from previous battles:
The battles never forgotten, yet never understood.

As the blood and sweat begins to drip
down my arm, I feel vulnerable knowing
all can see my frail body intertwined
with the cold black wire. The glaring stars fall
from the sky in fear of my weakness placed
before them.

I begin to pry the wire from my tired soul.
The wire uncoils from my legs.
I feel my limbs take in the bitter air like a baby’s first breath.
As the wire is freed from my chest, less pressure
pounds at my heart. The taut wire left was gripping
my head with the will to never let go.

I look towards the sparkling mirror,
the wiring was deeply pressed into
my face and head. I begin to pull
and twist the wire in the hopes
to be freed. I see the marks left upon
my body. I look at my face and
notice my eyes, for the first time.
My cobalt eyes now tell the true harsh
story. The story I never wanted to comprehend. My
heart beats faster. The real me, the person
I held back so long, is now evident.

The glistening beads of blood and sweat
begin to race down my face. I have never
felt so ALIVE, so REAL, so HOPEFUL, So Beautiful.
For the barbed wire upon my body was placed
by my own fears and monsters. I look into the
broken mirror, realizing the bright beautiful moon
beside my cheek. For that moment

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