Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Book Review: Strange Angels

Lili St. Crow's new novel, Strange Angels, follows the recent trend of dark fantasy eating up the teen fiction scene. Like many, it features vampires. However, these are not the glittering, beautiful, eye-candy vampires of Twilight. These are the ohdearthisthingisabouttokillmepleasewontsomeonehelp-- kind of vampires.

And they show up the way I like them most...after tons and tons of suspense. I like waiting until the novel is about to end to get freaked out. Fun stuff.

Dru is just an ordinary teenage girl. Except for the fact she and her dad move every three months or so. And he works as a freelance evil thing hunter. And she helps him out. And she sees things from the "Real World" even her dad can't see. Oh, and there's the part about being trained in all kinds of weapon usage, martial arts, and stealth.


Her dad does draw the line somewhere, though, and he keeps her out of certain things he thinks are too dangerous for her. Until he can't anymore, and he comes home with "a bad case of reanimation." Meaning, he's a zombie.

And Dru kills him.

Along with the understandable emotional baggage that ensues, Dru suddenly finds herself totally alone in the world and being hunted by something decidedly bad, something not even she has seen before, in the normal world or the Real World. And she needs all the help she can get to survive.

Dru's rough language and tough attitude make her seem almost military, but her childish sensitivity and feelings of loss make her character believable. Her friend, Graves, is also well-developed, though his personal history remains mostly a mystery. Guys will definitely like this book too.

But don't take my word for it. Watch the trailer...

The first in an upcoming series, this book has all the workings of a good action movie...and I really liked it. Too bad we have to wait until November for the next one...

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