Monday, May 24, 2010

More New Graphic Novels!

I loved this book so much that I just ordered the rest of the's amazing. Pluto: Volume 1 by Naoki Urasawa and Osamu Tezuka.

In a futuristic society, man and robots coexist. But then, Mont Blanc, a powerful and beloved Swiss robot, is destroyed. Soon after, a key human proponent of robot civil rights is killed. The two crimes are seemingly unrelated--except for the way the bodies have been arranged after death. Now Detective Gesicht is assigned to the case, and he soon discovers that he, as one of the seven greatest robots of the world, is also a target.

Superman: the Coming of Atlas...

Which I have not read, except to say that Atlas is big and evil-ish, and could actually manage to kill Superman, somehow. Is that possible?

The Invincible Iron Man: The Five Nightmares...

Tony Stark faces off against Obadiah Stane's son Ezekiel--who's much smarter than his father and obsessed with revenge. He's created Iron Man 2.0--and has managed to become all five of Stark's nightmares. Stark has to stop Ezekiel before he unleashes his creation and kills hundreds of innocent people. Spiderman even comes to help...

Another to-be-continued novel Bayou: Volume 1 by Jeremy Love.

Only Lee Wagstaff can see the fantastical gods and monsters, inspired by years of slavery, civil war, and racism, that inhabit the bayou. When her father is accused of kidnapping and threatened with lynching, Lee must rescue the missing girl with only the help of a swamp monster named Bayou.

And if you love graphic novels or have thought of writing your own, here's a book that might help: You Can Do a Graphic Novel by Barbara Slate.

I took a look at this and can tell you that, even if you just want to write a novel, this has some good information for you.

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