Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The New Book Cart Can Hold No More...

A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn...

Talia can't help but touch the spindle, even though she'd been warned not to. Oops.

And 316 years later, Jack discovers a pretty girl while on his boring tour. She's asleep, and he just can't resist kissing her. Oops.

Now he's stuck with a bratty princess--and she's stuck with him. How do you explain that to your parents?

I really love the Maggie Quinn: Girl vs. Evil books by Rosemary Clement-Moore--here's the latest:

Highway to Hell, in which Maggie and D&D Lisa go for a road trip during spring break. Everything's fabulous. Until the thing with the dead cow. Oh, and the punctured gas tank. And now they're stranded in Dulcina, Texas--"a town so small it has an owner." Oh--and evil. It has lots of evil.

The sequel to The Night Tourist by Katherine Marsh, The Twilight Prisoner.

Jack Perdu is back from the ghostly underworld of NYC, safe and alive. So why is he still seeing ghosts?

He works hard to adapt to his new school, but before he knows it, he and his classmate Cora have crossed the wrong threshold. Now they're in the underworld, and they might never get back out.

Love You Hate You Miss You by Elizabeth Scott

Amy's best friend Julia is dead, and it's all Amy's fault. Seventy-five days later, on orders from her shrink, Amy starts a diary. But it isn't a day-to-day chronicle of her life. It's all letters to Julia. As she writes, she realizes that her life before wasn't all that great. And life now could end up not being quite so terrible, after all.

Maximum Ride fans, behold: Max by James Patterson.

The flock are still on a quest to save the world, but they can only make it happen if they manage to survive...

The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennen

Nick and his brother Alan are living on the run, dodging magicians who are hunting them down to get back a charm that Nick and Alan...liberated.

One night, a brother and sister appear at their doorstep. The boy has a mark--a sign of death--and only a magician's blood can get rid of it. Then Alan gets the mark. And Nick is the only one who can save him. But first he has to find out why his brother is lying about their past...

Another action-packed novel, Reality Check by Peter Abrahams.

Cody has a perfect life, until his girlfriend Clea is sent off to boarding school across the country. Then his football career abruptly ends when he tears his ACL. And the worst is yet to come. Cody finds a headline: Local Girl Missing. Clea has vanished. The only clue is a letter she sent Cody before she disappeared.

So Cody heads for Vermont.

Playing with Matches by Brian Katcher.

Leon Sanders looks like he ought to be featured on the FBI's Most-Wanted list. His locker is right next to Melody Hennon, a total freak. Everyone avoids her, including Leon, until one day he takes a chance. He discovers that Melody is funny, smart, and interesting. They become friends, even more than friends.

That is, until Leon is approached by the beautiful social butterfly Amy Green, who he saves from detention. Now both girls are interested, and Leon could end up hurting them both.

Me, the Missing, and the Dead by Jenny Valentine

Lucas Swain lives in London. His father is missing, he disappeared five years ago. No one is looking for him. All the same, Lucas has a pretty normal life. Until he meets Violet, that is. She's interesting, and Lucas is sure she has something to tell him about his father. The thing is, Violet is already dead. Really dead.

In an urn, dead.


That dead.

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