Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bond with Mom and Make Some Jewelry!

Once again were are being graced with the presence of the lovely, talented Candie Cooper! This workshop will be for mothers and daughters. It's set for February 24 at 6:30 p.m.--make sure you register soon, space is limited.

This time we'll be decoupaging pendants for necklaces. Candie made me one (which I love) and we also have a sample she dropped off on display upstairs at the circulation desk. She left me a sample because I couldn't bear sewing my necklace onto a felt backing and then just leaving it there. I am guarding it with extreme jealousy.

You can see some of Candie's decoupage here, on some luggage tags she made (and blogged about) a few years ago. Sadly, I discovered these long after my Grand Tour, so I didn't have super-cool luggage tags as I lugged my suitcase around Europe. So you know, I think my suitcase is lined with lead to make it safe for my clothing during a nuclear disaster. This, however, makes the suitcase weigh something like twenty pounds before I've put anything in it and that makes cobblestone streets hard to cope with.

We'll be re-purposing Scrabble tiles by taking bits of decorative paper, paint, and other bits and bobs. When we're done, they'll be much cooler than earning a triple-word score, and we'll be able to wear them out and about with pride. And of course, there will be the whole mother/daughter bonding thing, which is always good.

In case you're curious, this is a mother/daughter/aunt/niece/mentor/mentoree/grandmother/granddaughter/friend's mom/daughter's friend event, meaning that it is absolutely okay for you not to actually be mother/daughter to participate. You can sign up with any adult you want to spend time with.

Blog Note: In case you were wondering, the word mentoree is one of those words that Frankie Landau Banks would use (from E. Lockhart's great book The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks), but it is not officially a real word according to that horrible creation: the dictionary.

But take it from me, you can word anything you want, verb anything you want, it's wide open. Tons of our words came from Shakespeare's plays--no one had ever written them down before he did. So if you think something should be a word that isn't, go for it. Just don't do it on a research paper...

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