Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen...

May I direct your attention to the sidebar? The one to your (looks at her hands, thinks...) right. Your right. No. Your left. We read left to right.

Look to your left.

You will see the words "WCPL Young Adult Blog" since it's the title. See it? Okay. Underneath it is a little label that says "pages" and beneath that there is "Home" which is where you are right now. You are home. Well, this page is on home. You might be at school or here at the library, I don't know.

Underneath that is a little link that says "YA Authors on the Web!" and it's clickable, just like it is here in this sentence.

Click it here or click it there, because I just spent a long-ish time tracking down all the author blogs and websites I could think of off the top of my head.

Now you can go visit your favorite authors without the hassle of sifting through Google results trying to sell you their books on Amazon. You come here, you can make me get those books for you, and then other people can read them too. So you don't so much need least not for books.

I'll keep hunting down more author blogs and adding them to the list, but I'll try and let you know as I do it. Or, you could always just go click the link and check.

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