Monday, June 28, 2010

Beach (Ha--We're Landlocked!) Reads

I have way too many new books to show you, so I'm giving you pretty covers all in a row and not much of a description, because there just isn't space! You'll notice awfully fast that these are the "girly" books of the bunch. I promise guy-friendly reads tomorrow.

Very briefly,

I Kissed A Zombie, and I Liked It by Adam Selzer!

Vampire princess meets goth-zombie rocker boy. Love ensues.

Comeback by Vicki Grant with its oddly small picture. It is a smallish book, but still...

Ria, who is "perfect" to outside observers, loses everything she cares about as her parents divorce and her father vanishes in a plane crash. Now she discovers he wasn't the man she thought he was, and must take action to protect herself, her brother, and her father's good name.

Remember the pretty green dress from the cover of Vanity? The one I may or may not have told you I wanted, and the one that I told you (maybe I just thought it) was kind of creepy because it was like a girl was in the dress, only there was no girl in it at all, it was like Invisible Girl was wearing it? No?

Well, here is the second in the trilogy, Gorgeous by Rachel Vail, this volume following Allison Avery, the middle sister, who may have just made a deal with the devil. Can I just mention, I really love the color of that nail polish. Why is it that you never find nice colors like that when you go looking for them?

Twenty Boy Summer
by Sarah Ockler.

Best friends Anna and Frankie decide to spend their days in Zanzibar Bay searching for their first summer romance, and by meeting one boy a day, they're sure to find love. But Anna hasn't told Frankie she's already had a summer romance--with Frankie's brother Matt, who died the previous year.

The Alpha Bet
by Stephanie Hale,

Grace Kelly (just like the movie star), has been coping with her overprotective mother for years. So she studies hard, graduates from high school at 16, and starts her own life at college. Grace decides to rush the Alphas, a very exclusive sorority, tells one tiny--massive--lie, and things get complicated fast.

Swoon at Your Own Risk
by Sydney Salter.

Polly, whose grandmother is the famous advice columnist Miss Swoon, ought to know everything about boys. But she vows to spend her summer working at Wild Waves, a western-themed water park, without boys. None. No way. When her grandmother comes to stay, Polly hopes she'll be able to help. But her Miss Swoon is still just as boy crazy as Polly doesn't want to be...

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