Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Manga!

I started working here at the library just over three months ago, and in that time I have worked hard trying to learn all there is to know about manga and anime.

In my day (yeah, I'm old enough to have had a day and for it to be over, if just)we didn't have any of those things yet. Well, we had Dragon Ball Z. But that was it, and we thought (most of us) that it was lame.

I remember sitting in Algebra 2 during a test while the guy sitting next to me drew Dragon Ball Z characters all over his test with speech bubbles that said "Your guess is as good as mine," or "You'd like to know."

Understand that I am not advocating drawing Dragon Ball Z characters on one's test and turning it in. I promise you that doing so will result in a test score that is decidedly not over 9000.

We also had Pokemon, but the video game and not the television show. So my experience with anime and manga has been slight.

I therefore have had to educate myself. And it's taking a while. I placed my first manga order not too long ago, keeping up (or trying to) with the series we already have going. I started asking some of you what you were interested in when I saw you checking out manga, and I'm taking your advice as I proceed.

I'm also starting a new series, Death Note, because I love Death Note. My brother introduced me to that series when we were both in college. Definitely worth a look!

We now have Death Note 1: Boredom and Death Note 2: Confluence. And may I just say, I love L. He is too cool for words.

Here are all the other new ones!

Xxxholic 8

Fruits Basket 11

Bleach 7

Naruto 32


Vampire Knight 5

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