Friday, September 18, 2009

What's wrong with me?

I pre-ordered Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins, for both the library and myself.

This was because I knew deep in my heart that I would not be able to live a day longer than from...that day to September 1 to read that book.

It is now September 18. I have Catching Fire, sitting in my house. I have not read even a sentence of it.

It struck me yesterday that this was unusual for me, and not just because I read all the time almost without ceasing. This is strange because I was looking forward to reading that book. John Green said it was really good! I knew it would be really good, even before he said it, but come on! If he said it was good, it has to be! He worked for Booklist!

They know their stuff at Booklist. It's a really great magazine.

I think maybe there are a few reasons (that might actually be more like excuses) why I haven't read Catching Fire yet. I think that book sits on the floor of my bedroom on top of the package it came in because 1. I know that once I read it I will have to wait until the third book comes out who knows when to find out what happens next and 2. I know that if I were to read it, I would have to wait until October for Fire by Kristin Cashore to be delivered so that I can read it and then I would be hesitant to do that because I would have to wait for Bitterblue to come out who knows when and3. I am waiting to read Catching Fire because I know that reading it would put me in a position to have to read some Eliot Rosewater books I have in my car, books that I don't really feel like reading right now. Actually, I feel like procrastinating on my Rosie Reading, no matter how much trouble it might put me in later.

So, I am rereading Looking for Alaska because it doesn't count as reading since I've already read it (so it is just review...).

Does anyone else think maybe I have put too much thought into why I'm not reading Catching Fire? Just so that I won't have to finish it?

That's pretty bad...

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