Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beautiful Creatures

I just finished reading Beautiful Creatures, and it was wonderful!

When it first arrived, I thought for sure I could just sandwich it in with all the other Twilight-esque books, but you can't. Beautiful Creatures is its own thing, paranormal without being cliche, romantic without being the kind of desperate dependence/romance that drives me mad; it is the kind of fantasy you can read without considering it ridiculous and unbelievable. As you read about each Ethan and Lena, you believed their struggle was immediate.

I love fantasy, but I hate dark fantasy (if that makes any sense at all), so I was sure this, falling as I assumed it would under the "dark fantasy" label, would be not quite my cup of tea. Not so.

In other words, it was a good book.

I thought I would just read the first few chapters of this one, but over the stretch of the last week, I read the whole thing. I was very impressed by this novel. It's an impressive achievement for two first-time authors.

Go check it out!

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