Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tons and Tons of New Books: Part One

Part One will have all the fantasy. After that comes all the rest--that's just how much I have to show you.

But first, a question...

Do you think the publishers knew how close these two book covers were? Do you think the cover designers did?

Because that's pretty similar!

As you see, we have The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong, sequel to The Summoning as well as Fragile Eternity, the third book in Melissa Marr's series including Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange.

Following in the paranormal romance/dark fantasy vein, we have Stargazer by Claudia Gray, also a sequel. The first book in this series is Evernight.

And one more paranormal sequel, this one to Lili St. Crow's novel Strange Angels, Betrayals.

I hope this one is as fun as the first was. It's really like a dark version of the Maximum Ride books, lone girl (Dru Anderson) against the world, only in this case she can't just fly away from danger. Oh, and her mother was some kind of superhuman creature, her dad was a zombie--before she killed him, and her only friend just got bitten by a werwulf. Oops. Oh, and now the quasi-vampire guy who came to her rescue has taken her to this secret school where someone wants to kill her.

Poor Dru can't catch a break.

The Singing by Alison Croggon, the fourth book in her Pellinor series.

One more series book: Raven Rise, book nine of the Pendragon books, by D. J. MacHale.

Book ten comes out in paperback in September, so look for it on our shelves then!

Here Lies Arthur by Philip Reeve, Gwyna is a girl running from her village, which has been attacked, pillaged, burned to the ground, and so forth.

She runs into Myrddin, a bard and storyteller who takes her into his service. He trains her as a fighter, a spy, and transforms her into the mysterious Lady of the Lake, all as part of a plot to turn Myrddin's master, Arthur, into King Arthur, the greatest hero of all time.

Something that well thought out can't possibly go wrong, can it? And if it did, nobody would get hurt, right?


Aurelie: A Faerie Tale, by Heather Tomlinson...

Three children and a river dragon make a promise, and one day one of them breaks it. Now they are grown and barely speaking and the country is in turmoil. Aurelie is sent on a peacekeeping mission, trying to prevent a war between her closest friends.

Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon

Ai Ling remains unmarried, to her family's dishonor and her own relief. She would prefer a life lived free, not trapped in an unequal marriage.

Now on a quest, Ai Ling is pursued by something powerful. She will need all her strength to face it as she journeys closer to the Palace of Fragrant Dreams, and, hopefully, her missing father.

Zombies, anyone?

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan.

Little bit of romance, little bit of zombies, little bit of shoddy fence repair...

And a book trailer!

Wasn't that one well done? I don't always show them because sometimes they're ridiculous and other times there's nothing to them but moving words, like something any one of us could make with Power Point or Movie Maker, so it doesn't really impress. But this one is good! Like that video game Silent Hill...if you know that series or the other series, Fatal Frame. Good n' Scary.

Dreams of the Dead, book one of The Waking, by Thomas Randall.

Kara Foster moves to Japan, but fitting in at a new school in a new country is the least of her worries. She befriends a fellow outcast, Sakura, whose sister was murdered at the school, a case that remains unsolved. Soon, she's having nightmares that wake her up at night. Not long after that, more students appear, dead, with strange marks on their bodies.

Mystery and the paranormal, all in one freaky package for your reading pleasure.

And a bizarre graphic novel, The Eternal Smile, which I nonetheless found though provoking and interesting. This from Gene Luen Yang, Printz and Eisner Awards Winner.

Including such stories as that of a frog with a computer chip, and an office assistant escaping into a fantasy world by responding to an e-mail requesting her bank account information...

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