Friday, March 12, 2010

Check out this fish!

It occurs to me that, although this blog is mostly about books, me reading them, me ordering you all to go out and read them, and the games and crafts we do between books, you might actually have other interests.

I know, it's astounding.

My brother (who I didn't manage to trap in a trunk or suitcase when we were children, and who therefore grew into adulthood, despite all the odds that were against him), is an environmentalist. So, our family is a little obsessed with all things environmental. If we see something in the newspaper, we clip it. We post links and e-mail them to him.

We're all as weird as you think I am. Come on. You know that's what you think.

Today I saw this! How freakish is this fish! It's the biggest fish ever (well, maybe not) and I think it's way cool. So I'm using the podium I have here to force you all to look at it, because...WOW!

It even has plume things up by its head. Why? I have to look it up. Have good weekends, everybody!

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