Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Books!

I hope everyone had happy holidays! But now that we are all settling back into the world of, well, reality, I have new books to share with you.

I love new books, I've said it before. Here is today's selection:

Revelations by Melissa De La Cruz

I was shocked when someone told me we didn't have this. But now we do. It's part of a series, Blue Bloods and all that. I call it Twilight-Meets-Gossip-Girl. You get the idea. They're wicked fun, though. Except for the whole potential my-family-history-stems-from-vampires thing, which makes me a little weirded out. But then again, I always knew I was a strange-ish person.

Rapture of the Deep, another Bloody Jack Adventure by L. A. Meyer

This is a newbie, in hardcover, for those of you who love this series. I know one of you, at least...

Border Crossing by Jessica Lee Anderson

Border Crossing is the story of a young man's struggle with schizophrenia, dealing with his messed-up family life, and his new job on a cattle ranch (with pretty Vanessa). All he wants is to get away from home, but he has bigger issues, what with all the voices and the border patrol agents from Operation Wetback--a brutal deportation scheme circa 1950...

I love psychology.

And last but not least, Purple Heart by Patricia McCormick, author of the amazing book Sold, which every last one of you should read.

Set during our most recent (current) Iraq War, Private Matt Duffy finds himself in a hospital with a brand new medal and very few memories if what landed him in the hospital in the first place.

He remembers the death of a young Iraqi boy, feeling responsible for the child's death somehow, but the memory is incomplete, due to the head injury he's recovering from. Returned to his unit, he sees danger everywhere and must deal with the fear that he'll be unable to fight when the need arises.

This book promises to give us all insight into the lives of the people we know who are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan today.

We also have a new audiobook, Witch and Wizard by James Patterson. We'll have the physical book when it comes out in paperback...I'm eagerly awaiting it. Also the new Maximum Ride book. And the Daniel X one...why does it take so long for paperback?

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