Friday, January 29, 2010

Spam is not just a processed meat product

It also is the bane of my existence.

Have you seen the amount of spam we've been getting lately in the comments? Most of it has been in old, old posts I don't look at (mostly because they were from before I started writing them). I found one this morning with 30 posts, all advising you to purchase discount perscription medication, perhaps even in an illegal manner.

Don't buy perscription medication from the back of a truck. Even an internet-based truck. Especially if the person selling you the medication spells like this: "thionreaklthngauioenvuioerr djiojoijklngleyioj" (that was what comments looked like. That and there were some in French).

This brought me great annoyance, because I was forced to individually delete each seperate chunk of spam attatched to each seperate blog entry. And I didn't want to kill 40 minutes doing that. But kill it I did.

So, we are forced to make a slight change. Hopefully this is all the change we have to make, I don't want to have to make more.

Now, when you go to make a comment, it will prompt you for your web address, your Google (or other) ID and your password just like normal. But once you have signed in or remained anonymous, it will force you to type in some gibberish before your post pops up so that we know you are a human being with thoughts and feelings and not a drug-fencing computer stationed in Cambodia or somewhere.

This will take a few moments more for you, and I'm sorry. I just don't want you to have some computer trying to steal your personal information so it can pretend to be you while it sells illegal copies of Avatar on the black market. Nor do I want it pretending to be me.

Sorry guys! Hope this isn't a terrible annoyance.



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