Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two More New Books!

The Lab by Jack Heath...

The first book in a series, this novel follows Agent Six of Hearts, 16 years old and a superhuman to boot, working for the Deck, a squadron of genetically superior spies out fighting for justice.

Realistic? No. Fun? Yes. This is a great novel for fans of the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, or for anyone who loved the Bourne movies.

And now for something completely different:

Outside Beauty by Cynthia Kadohata, author of the Newberry winning Kira-Kira as well as Cracked, Weedflower, and the newly-released A Million Shades of Gray.

Shelby's "nontraditional" mother has had four daughters by four men. She's a nontraditional mother to say the least, but she's also a confident, self-assured woman. Suddenly the family is torn apart and the sisters are separated, forced for the first time to function without each other. But then they decide to take matters into their own hands and get their family back together.

Stereotypically speaking, The Lab would be "guy" and Outside Beauty would be "girl"--so I kept the scale kind of balanced in this post. I hope you all can appreciate that.

Of course, I'm reading both...

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