Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Magically, perhaps because I was complaining about it just then (yesterday, the day before?), or perhaps due to the implied otherworldly aspect to this novel, Witch and Wizard has just arrived.

I think what happened was that someone adult-y ordered it and then decided it so belonged with us, as we are young and cool, and they are all grown up and weird. Whatever.

At any rate, we now have Witch and Wizard by James Patterson sitting happily next to me on the desk here, for you all to grab and read, after all the people who already have it on hold.

People must really like James Patterson.

As for myself, I have already started stalking his upcoming Maximum Ride book, Fang. I really am excited about that one. That will be my next book-impulse-buy, at the whatever bookstore or convenience store I happen to see it in. Maybe it will be Kroger, like that other one of his. Although I did manage to buy Max in an actual, honest to goodness bookstore. So you never know...


Oh, and I just found out that there's a sequel to Saving Francesca (by Melina Marchetta, former book discussion title) coming out in Australia in just a bit. It's called The Piper's Son.

Do you know anyone in Australia? Are you in Australia? Do you like me at all? Because if you do...I need this book. I really do. It's a life and death sort of thing, and I don't know if I can make it long enough to just wait for the U.S. release. I mean, it could take ages!

I'm sure there would be some kind of fantastic reward for you, should you manage to track down a copy without the $30 U.S. shipping fee I would have to pay to get it sent here from there. Maybe if I went to Outback, they might have some connections...

Do I know anyone in Australia?

I have to go check. Happy reading!

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