Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today we have a few new books for you to enjoy...

First up is another in the paranormal romance catagory: Once Dead, Twice Shy by Kim Harrison.

Madison failed to make it through prom alive (I have felt that way before) and the reaper (evil guy, bent on dragging her soul away) lost his fancy necklace in the process, an amulet with strange powers that make Madison appear alive. At least as long as she still has it.

As the reaper tries to take it back and finish what he got started, Madison tries to find out why he was after her in the first place, enlisting the help of a good reaper, her guardian angel. Oh--and her crush.

We also have a novel by Rachel Cohn, of Nick and Norah fame, You Know Where to Find Me.

Miles and her perfect cousin Laura grew up like sisters but were driven apart as they attended different schools (public and ritzy private), grew from nearly-identical to complete opposites (Miles overweight with hair she dyes jet black, Laura thin, beautiful, blonde), and entered different worlds (social outcast, popular crowd. When Laura commits suicide, Miles is left to deal with the aftermath.

And she falls apart, finally arriving at the same choice Laura made, to fix her life and become strong on her own, or to escape from the world she thinks doesn't want her in it.

We've also added Kelley Armstrong's The Summoning, book one in her Darkest Powers series.

Chloe talks to dead people, they talk back, and she is not at all happy about it. Especially when it lands her in a home for troubled teens, since no one believes her.

But soon she finds out that Lyle House isn't as innocent a place as it seems, and there is much more to each of the residents than meets the eye. And she has to find out all that she can before it's too late for her and the others to get out alive.

Ivy is the youngest in a family of theives, overlooked and considered a waste of space by her father. But Ivy is more than meet's the eye, and she has a talent for drawing people close, like the artist Oscar Aretino Frosdick who wants her as his model and his muse.

Behind Ivy's looks, though, is a dark past filled with secrets--because it wouldn't be interesting without them--that could get her expelled from her new life, back to the streets she used to know.

Pick up Ivy by Julie Hearn (and all our other new books) upstairs in the YA section on our new book cart!

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