Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sorry everybody!

I wasn't very specific about my last post, assuming that the entire world worked all day with children's and young adult literature, as I do.

You don't.


Scout asked, "Who's percy jackson?"

Percy Jackson is a young man who discovers in The Lightning Thief that his proclivity for blowing up schools, or just being kicked out of them, has little to do with his being a terrible child and a great deal to do with the fact that his mom, twelve years prior, had met and fallen in love with Poseidon, the god of the sea.

He was the result of this match-up. Also--since his dad is a god, Percy is a "half-blood" or demigod. He's got special powers, most of which he discovers as the series goes on, and he also has dyslexia and ADD. Dyslexia because his brain was made to read ancient Greek and nothing else, ADD because as a half-blood, he's wired to be ready for, say, being attacked by his maniac algebra teacher who happens to be not...quite...human.

Percy discovers his true nature after his algebra-related disaster, then is whisked away by his mother and friend Grover to Camp Half-Blood, a summer camp (that for some kids is a year-round home) designed to train kids like Percy to survive past childhood, since so many monsters are trying to kill them.

Once there, Percy is given a quest, and that's when the real fun starts!

Also, rumor has it, the powers that be are making a movie...let's hope it's as good as the series!

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